Meteoroid provides users with a function to centrally manage FIWARE Orion's Subscription function and Apache OpenWhisk FaaS function in order to realize an event-driven architecture in FIWARE.Meteoroid consists of OpenWhisk and Meteoroid core.

OpenWhisk provides the following items.

FaaS environment

  • OpenWhisk Action
  • OpenWhisk API
  • OpenWhisk Alarm
  • FIWARE's(Orion) Subscription

Meteoroid Core provide the following items.

Abstraction resources

  • Meteoroid Function
  • Meteoroid Endpoint
  • Meteoroid Schedule
  • Meteoroid Subscription


Meteorid is easily accessible from clients via a command line tool called the Meteoroid CLI


API Resources Mapping

Abstraction resources are retreating with FaaS environment as follwing.

Abstraction resources FaaS environment
Meteoroid Function OpenWhisk Action
Meteoroid Endpoint OpenWhisk API
Meteoroid Schedule OpenWhisk Action
Meteoroid Subscription FIWARE Orion Subscription